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About Life Insurance

Life Cover pays out in the event of your death - either as a lump sum or as a monthly benefit. This type of cover can support the loved ones you leave behind, and if you're a business owner or shareholder, it can also secure the business' long-term survival.

Leaving a lump sum to the people who matter most
If your family need your income to survive, Life Cover can help them to cope financially without you.
Leaving a lump sum to take care of your business partners
Businesses can be at risk when a partner dies. Life Cover can make it easys for surviving partners to take over your share and keep the business running.
Creating an ongoing monthly income for your family
If you'd rather leave your family with an ongoing monthly benefit, instead of one big lump sum, you may prefer Family Protection
Accidental Death - another option
For people who aren't eligible for regular Life Cover, or simply need a more affordable option, Accidental Death insurance could be the answer.

Our Providers

Life Insurance + is a product of long established Wellington business Venture Team Services, which only uses the best and most established insurance product suppliers in the New Zealand market.

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